7 Doubts you Have about Scroll Saws

circular sawDo-it-Yourself projects are booming nowadays which entices creativity and ingenuity of home-based builders and industrial companies worldwide. Hence, industrial tools manufacturers research and develop their building tool product lines for their clients’ works. Whether most clients work with materials such as wood and metal, Saw manufacturers readily invent scroll saws.

What is a Scroll saw?

Unlike the common hand- saw one have seen in local workshops, a scroll saw, from scrollking, is electrically-operated and can chop curvy forms designed by draftsmen plotted on wood and metal. It is highly fitted on wood moldings, wooden joints, and metal work because of its fine blade which can withstand delicate curvy areas and edges.

Most draftsmen and artisans will want to have their own scroll saws. These are 7 doubts one can have about Scroll saws.

Doubt No.1: Is it safe?

The thing one must remember when buying power tools is its safety. Most woodworking tools have sharp blades which if the user is clumsy, can cut their own hands when working.

So far, a scroll saw is one of the safest woodworking tools around because it is run by electricity. Plus, a scroll saw cuts slowly, making young woodworkers to just simply adjust and turn off the machine when adjustments on the wooden project can be made.

Wearing safety goggles, working gloves and masks upon working with a scroll saw is one important thing to remind of. Moreover, one must consult a local professional or instructor when handling a scroll saw for safety precautions.

Doubt No.2: Scroll saws’ Product sizes

Scroll saws are differentiated by its throat size. The scroll saw’s throat is the distance from the rear frame of the saw to its blade. Moreover, its depth also distinguishes the size of a piece of wood the user will cut.

Doubt No.3: Is there one type of Scroll Saw?

Typically, No. Scroll saws vary in different designs and features. The Parallel arm is the most common design. One can distinguish a Parallel arm scroll saw because of its motor which is inside near the back of the arms. Included features are the two arms are parallel to each other.

Dewalt’s Parallel link type of scroll saw is popular in the market. Its features include pushed rods located in the upper and lower arms, properly securing and holding the blade. Furthermore these arms are well-articulated and movable by exhibiting short motions when in use.

Another variety of scroll saws are the C-arm. With its name, one can infer because of solid arm which is shaped like the letter “C”. Its blade is attached between the “C”’s two ends.

Doubt No. 4: Blade sizes

Scroll saw blades are usually very thin depending on what material and purpose the blade will do. One important thing to be wary of, is the the thinner the blade in width, the more accurate it is. However, the more accurate the blade is, the slower the cutting process.

Common scroll saw blades measure up to five inches and it comes with variety of weights. Reverse tooth blades are also available for cutting birchwood, and plywood. Moreover, reverse tooth blades are fit for splinter reduction particularly on the cut’s bottom edges. Its disadvantage, however, is it produces more heat and more sawdust than the regular blade.

Doubt No.5: Scroll saw models

Scroll saw models are either Detached (stand-alone) or Connected (table-mounted) depending on how the user will utilize it. Bearing the same throat capacity, stand-alone models possess an integrated reducing effect and when it comes to vibration, table-mounted scroll saws vibrate more.

Doubt No.6: Maintenance

Scroll saw blades and clamps are very sensitive because they have the first-hand contact of the user’s foreign material. In order to preserve the quality of work of your blades and clamps, cleaning its tips with paint thinner or oil will easily solve user’s problems in maintaining the durability of their scroll saw.

Doubt No.7: Analyze the Need

Picking the best scroll saw will really depend on the user’s need and budget. Woodworkers and craftsmen tend to analyze their own situation and woodwork projects in order to choose the best scroll saw fit for them.

Commonly, online reviews rank Dewalt as the institution who produce the best scroll saws available in the market. Finally, if one has their own scroll saws, patience is also needed when using them to produce a high quality project.