Best Grinder: What’s the best Weed Grinder

Best Grinder: What’s the best Weed GrinderWeed or herb grinder is cylindrical device that has two halves, the top and the bottom that separates and the half has razor-sharp teeth that when the two halves turned, the material inside will be shredded. This herb grinder is great for shredding herbs but then this is also usually used to grind marijuana. As a result an easy hand-rolled product to a joint that can burn evenly. Herb grinders can be made of plastic or metal and comes with variety polished metals and colors.

Below are some mini reviews about the top five weed grinders:

Chromium Crusher


Has a limited lifetime warranty.

Has a size of 3.0” diameter by 1.75” height.

Heavy duty grinder and durable zinc alloy structure that includes Pollen Scraper.

Four piece with three chamber design with Mesh screen that filters fine pollen.

With durable ring that is for easy and rapid grinding experience.


You can guarantee that they are made from durable and stronger materials than any other brand of weed or herb grinders.

Economical and long lasting grinder that you can ever have.

Has a superior design that is much different with other grinders.


The quality that it promised was not shown to some however there are still a lot who believes with the Chromium Crusher.

Space Case Grinders


Space Case Grinders has consistent grinding teeth, with a screen that does not clog and neodymium magnet that will hold the grinder together.

Has triangle scraper to gather pollen and designed to perfectly scrape all the edges.

Measurement is 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches in height.

You can ask information from the manufacturer about the warranty of the product.


A very good investment because of the original features that were usually imitated but can never be duplicated.

The sifter can grind many herbs all at once which can be an advantage to lesser your time in grinding herbs.

Space Case Grinders is made with highest specifications using the CNC machine.


There are some Space Case Grinders that could have missed the quality because for just a week it can be chipped already.

Santa Cruz Shredder


Santa Cruz Shredder has 4-piece grinder that has a Cali crusher.

Its measurement is 2 1/8 inches in diameter and 2 1/8 inches in height.

With black anodized coating to offer excellent protection from wear and scratches.

Has a deep grip knurled pattern for easier twist of grinding herbs.

You can ask information from the manufacturer about the warranty of the product.


Famous of its quality and durability and is the pride of the Santa Cruz Shredder.

Sturdy material and light weight.

There are no much of complaints or anything to explain about the product because it works excellently.


There are some Santa Cruz Shredders that are out in the market which possibly missed the quality control. There are some complaints that the materials fall after tightening the other pieces of the unit, which really not satisfying for any customers.

Cali Crusher


Cali Crusher has 4-piece part with screen.

This is made from the heavy duty billet aluminum. Its screen is stainless steel with O ring, anodized, smooth threads, and neodymium magnets.

This comes with pollen scraper.

Size is 2 inches wide.

You can ask information from the manufacturer about the warranty of the product.


Cali Crusher has a very good quality and yet affordable.

You can count on the features of this 4-piece grinder. It has the razor-sharp teeth, wonderful micron count screen and the neodymium magnetic closing.


The product gets broken just after couple of uses like 4 to 5 times.

Pricey but you may not get the quality that you are expecting.


All of the herb grinders above are made with quality and the durability is what they are aiming about. However there are also ups and downs that they all have. You need to make sure that you reviewed all the comments online and what they have to say about the product. In the end it is your decision if you would go to a product that can be expensive but will surely provide you quality or cheaper one but same quality can provide. Just a tip based on the review, you can consider the Santa Cruz Shredder because of its best quality and durability.

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